Ornitotherapy is used for treatment of people of all ages suffering various health complications, meant for children as well as for seniors.

Therapy itself is perfectly suited for disabled people suffering poliomyetillis, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, significantly improving the fine and gross motor skills along with locomotive organs as a whole.

With autistic people, by gradually affecting them, animals play role of mediators inbetween their internal world and the world surrounding them.

Animotherapy covering all animal species also helps curing seriously ill patients, whose primary problem is not necessarily their psychical condition, e.g., oncological patients, patients recovering after surgery etc. Self-healing is activated through petting the animal and through verbal and non verbal communication with it, which, in result, shortens time for reconvalescence.

With mental illness, animals help at improving patients condition by adopting the burden of patient´s problems and sorrows. Merely by their presence, animals draw away patient´s attention from problems, helping patient getting faster over experienced trauma.

It is quite often, that the introverted individuals open themselves after having had a contact with an animal, which helps them to integrate quickly into society.

For whom is ornitotherapy suitable?

tortured and abused children,

hospitalized children,

patients suffering oncological disease,


physically disabled persons,

mentally impaired persons,

autistic patients,

sensory impaired persons,

patients with epilepsy,

persons in emergency and need,

persons suffering depression,

persons with work overload.