About Us

The author of the project "Wings for human" is the team of sheltered workplace L&P, of the company LAW& POLITICAL SCIENCE AGENCY s.r.o., further listed herein as L&P s.r.o. This company is exceptional on the Slovak market not only by the fact that is is owned by a disabled person, but also through complexity of services provided. There is no similiar company present on Slovak market up to date, moreover, L&P is unique when it comes to the structure and complexity of offered services. Our goal is providing top quality services for our customers, change peoples attitudes and help them do away with prejudice.
We endeavour to offer modern perspective on sheltered workplace and the people working in it. We turn dreams about mutual usefulness and benefits into reality. We intend to transform good ideas into attractive products and services for our customers and partners. We will be honoured by choosing L&P as your provider or partner

Goal of the project:

return of people to nature,

expanding awareness of ornitotherapy,

learnig and improvement of work habits,

use therapeutic effects to help prevent job related stress factor followed by burnout syndrom,

socializing and integration of disabled people into society,

dismantling communication barriers.